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New Book Entitled “The Illusion of Confusion” Authored By Lyrad Namllah also known as Daisha Monet. In Stores and online July 2th 2018

Who. Are. You. No, Really… Who Are You? Having the power and authority over your own mindset, goals, and obligations is the best thing any of us can ever have to get the job done right. the first time. However, we are only human, so errors are bound to happen no matter how hard we try to avoid them. This book that you are holding was written with the best of of intentions, and the reflections within are based on my personal experiences throughout my years of being a drag entertainment. Countless hours of sleepless nights was endured throughout the writing process, but in the end I had a chance to rediscover myself and learned that it’s never enough and the growing passion that I have for the art of drag and the life fulfillment gained from the craft has broadened and deepened my scope of this industry on all levels, which in return without a shadow of doubt, will yield a thousand percent of positive feedback.
It was a little over a year ago that I decided to document my thoughts, insights, and views on the art of Drag and the mental capacity of the craft. Now there’s something’s we will not agree on and that’s OK because we would not be where we are today as a people if it wasn’t for differences of opinions. While some of the great secrets of the trade are revealed in this writing, the true reason for the work is to show how to win from the inside out by knowing who you are, how you work, and where you fit. Even though this book is written with the understanding and comprehension of the art of drag, some of the suggestions offered can be used to satisfy your success in a range of passion driven hobbies.
The application of this body of work is versatile in its usage with daily growth and goal reaching. For sure I hope everyone really do enjoy my work, and gain something from it, even if it’s just to add to what you already know. I have chosen to dedicate this book to several of my “Good, Good Judy’s”, who in some form or fashion then or now has taken a part in the birth and the rebirth of me as myself and my drag persona. I dedicate all my life learned lessons and accomplished goal of the past, the future and those of the now, to my mother. All her wisdom, strength, and wonderful, loving, and fierce “matter of fact” suggestions on life is the magical vehicle I used to propel myself yet again to a current state of success.

-Lyrad Nallmah

-Daisha Monet