Enough Already! Non-Television Personality View On Today’s Politics

A non television personality view from the stand point of an everyday ordinary citizen who happens to follow the politics of the mainstream and of my own research as well. I’ sure I’m not alone in thinking that its nice to see where other non television personality folk like myself are at mentally on all things past current and future politics

Enough already with the whole spill about someone who can take on Trump because didn’t the Russians win it for him.. realistically we should e electing  those who have a clear agenda for the now and the future of moving this country forward not who can pound their chest the hardest , you see where that has led us to today, la fool driving a orange pinto with no policy no agenda no short or long term focus and most importantly now RESPECT for America.  

All this talk about too many dems is nonsense maybe we should be having the talk about eliminating the 200 year old tired out with no more miles left “electoral college mess” that was created in favor of the slave states when that happens then we will see a raw real true election.  I think that the media is putting to much focus on someone because they did 8 years as vice president, OK and I say to you don’t get all hung up on a household name! once again I say Should be focused on their policy of today s society an not that of what they did years ago..The objective is to move the country forward not backwards.

 Nothing against woman at all so don’t try and read this in any other narrative but… Some reporters  are touting that women came out in great numbers in favor of women during the mid-terms but does that really mean that’s their focus for the next president. I would hope to have a 1st female president just as much as the next but I would feel more comfort in hoping they vote based on ones policy and agenda on moving America forward for the better of the country. Not sure why but to me it looks as if most left media outlets are attempting the spend the day trying to knock the number 2 and 3 contenders according to most recent polls down so that Klobashar and warren can move up because To look at what is sometimes put together as the talking points of the day for said left network(s) I find it quite demoralizing and partisan  to see a bunch of folk instead of delivering the truth they are too busy pushing the agenda of the candidate they are rooting for based on their personal wants and who name is more household than the other…I love watching y’all politic it up and all but pump your breaks a little because I do feel that your verbal thoughts not only direct the outcome of polls but in a way it looks as if you do juice up the nasty battle within the party with too much speculation.

Another thing stop thinking, under-estimating,  and making Southerner voters mainly of color out to be so uneducated and color partisan that one would believe that we will only vote for those of their close if not same skin color, I mean we do understand policy and we have things that we want as well, whether it be male female or either of the races of nationality period! And I’m sure before the day is over one of you will prove my point on trying to knock the current polls spots of Harris and Sanders down in hopes of Klobashar and warren rising in their place. I love Biden, An I’m sorry for having to say this but I feel that the reason why Biden is slow pacing his bid to run is based on the facts that the media keeps touting that he is the top runner can we see his policy agenda and focus for the country I mean not just because he previously held vice pres. Position.  

As far as the opioid crisis the county is battling I never see any media displaying any help hotline numbers, nor as a talking point not once at all so sad which makes it so pointless on your part to be asking the candidates about their view on it when you clearly not showing yours!

 As as Russia-gate goes I think that most are waiting on a report that may or may not be public only to find out in the end that when you do see it it’s with mostly redacted or that everything and anybody that was impacted by the probe has already been put out for all to see but you will miss it because you focused on the big bang which leads me to saw that the  house and senate need not wait to roll out the impeachment docs and get to work because if you were to lay that down to the side the president has committed way more other offence s that add up to high misdemeanors and crimes. Which will warrant impeachment period!  I mean say if the probe finds no Donald prints then what the dems going to try and then get him on the little things that add up in my opinion its then too late because you’ll e playing into his hands and making true what his base already see as purposely trying to find something.    

 Daryl Hallman


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